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Continuous Asset Management
Resource Discovery
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Powerful integrations

Seamless integrations with your favorite services such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Slack, GitHub, GitLab and many others.


Deep integrations with your favorite SaaS tools

Integrate securely with one-click using our polling and webhook based integrations See everything in your stack in one view Slack, GitHub, GitLab, DataDog, JIRA and many more SaaS integrations available out of the box Our integrations collect all critical assets and allow you to ask any question you may have

let's rule! Fast and secure.

Website building used to be complicated. Parxlab will streamline the process with its minimalistic function set that will deliver quick results and ensure your success.

All assets in one place

Integrate your cloud accounts from development to production with one-click integrations and read-only secure permissions Automatically collect all resources from all regions and accounts Debug visually in the resource directory or query them in the search interface

Ensure all asset security and compliance

Search against all your asset resources and setup custom rules based on different environments and your team's specific needs. Get alerted on cloud misconfigurations and security & compliance violations in near real-time.

Built for multi-assets

Integrate seamlessly with popular providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Kubernetes Get visibility into hybrid cloud environments Search multiple assets from different providers Reduce complexity with better user experience for security teams

Time and money saver

Save your resources! No need to look for a designer or coder to bring your ideas to life. Do it yourself!

Forget all the complicated tools

You won't need any external services. Just a browser window.

let's check the whole process

Free your creativity with Parxlab. Start with an appropriate template to get a website that fullfills the needs of your business.

Security Rule Checks
User Checks
Access Checks
Compliance Checks
Permission Checks
Unauthorized Checks
Breach Checks
Security Checks
Observability Checks
Rule Checks
User Checks
Access Checks
Compliance Checks
Permission Checks
Unauthorized Checks
Breach Checks
Security Checks
Observability Checks

400+ All resources and counting

Collect all IT, Cloud and SaaS assets in one place. IAM Roles, S3 Buckets, GitHub Repositories and hundreds of others with secure integrations.

Get ready to create something fresh and bespoke

Parxlab is about to become your favorite tool, despite the level of your design skills. Each step is managed by built-in rules to bring you the best results.

Already released projects

Meet our beloved projects.

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